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Grain Inspection Inc.

Jamestown GII

Jamestown, ND

Appleton GII

Appleton, MN

New Salem, ND

Grain Inspection Inc. is a corporation founded in 1956 that is headquartered in Jamestown, North
Dakota. In 2005, we acquired a 23 county area and placed a full time laboratory in Appleton,

On May 20, 2013 we opened an office in New Salem, ND to better serve our customers in the western
part of our designated area. This office is a full service office and will be able to do all tests under
the USGSA that our customers require.

The scope of Grain Inspection Inc. is to provide both official and unofficial services on behalf of GIPSA.
All services we do provide do comply with the AMA and USGSA, regulations (7CFR Part 800, 801, 802,
810, 868), instructions, methods, policy, and procedures as applicable. Our customers include, but
are not limited to corporate and privately owned elevators, crop adjusters, farmers, and any other
interested third party. These services are provided at all three of our full time laboratories and any on site
grading facilities that we operate.



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